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Date:May 12,2017
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Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, and the sterilization process belongs to biochemical oxidation reaction.


Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, and the sterilization process belongs to biochemical oxidation reaction. O3 sterilization has the following 3 forms:

1. Ozone can oxidize enzymes needed to break down glucose in bacteria and inactivate bacteria.
2. Direct interaction with bacteria, viruses, destruction of their organelles and DNA, RNA, so that the metabolism of bacteria is destroyed, leading to bacterial death.
3. Through the cell membrane tissue, invade the cell, act on the outer membrane of lipoprotein and internal lipopolysaccharide, so that bacteria permeability distortion and dissolved death.

Ozone system feature

1. Complete sterilization, no residue, broad-spectrum bactericidal
Because of its poor stability.
2. O3 soon decomposes itself into oxygen without any toxic residue
3. Sterilization without dead ends
4. Efficiency
5. High cleanliness
6. Convenient
7. Economy


Ultraviolet radiation can kill microorganisms through the damage and destruction of nucleic acids, such as bacteria, viruses, spores and other pathogens, so as to achieve the goal of disinfection. Effect of ultraviolet on nucleic acid can lead to fracture, and key chain inter strand cross-linking and the formation of photochemical products, thus changing the biological activity of DNA, the microorganism itself can not be copied, the UV damage is lethal damage.

Advantages of UV disinfection system:

Impurities are not introduced in water, and the physicochemical properties of water are basically unchanged;
The chemical composition of water (such as chlorine content) and temperature changes generally do not affect the disinfection effect;
No additional water odor or odor is added, and no disinfection by-products such as three halogenated methane are produced;
The range of sterilization is wide and swift, and the treatment time is short;
Excessive treatment generally does not produce water quality problems;

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