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Aquaculture UV Water Purifier(Ultraviolet Water Purifiers )

Aquaculture UV Water Purifier(Ultraviolet Water Purifiers )

 Ultraviolet disinfection technology is very expeditious in destroying bacteria. UV energy can destroy bacteria and virus in just about 1-5 seconds. In order to reach the same disinfection effect, it costs about 30 minutes or more contact time by use other chemical methods (Chlorine, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide).
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Ultra Violet System SDE 25W

The increase in water circulation and the deterioration of water quality have greatly increased the possibility of fish infected with viruses and bacterial diseases.
In the case of cross fishery, it is necessary to disinfect the water source and disinfect the fishery circulating water.
UV water purifier has the advantages of no chemical reagents, no harmful by-products, no emissions, no influence on pH value. It is the best choice for fisheries.
UMEK UV water purifier used in fish farms, mussel farms, aquaculture, aquarium and fish hatchery can improve the yield, improve water quality, directly improve returns, greatly reducing the risk of disease.
UMEK UV technology does not contain chemical, does not produce two pollution, automatic and not excessive. This ensures the physical properties of water, such as pH and temperature, while avoiding harmful poisons such as chlorine entering the environment.

Ultraviolet water purifier is effective for all waterborne bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and microorganisms. UV systems can deal with pathogens as follows:

Rotary disease virus
Ulcerative necrosis of the skin (UDN)
Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA)
Saprolegenia (mycosis)
Proliferative renal disease (PKD)
Tense Necrosis (VNN)
Ichtyophthirius (vitiligo)

Flow Rate
Power Lamp Tube Inlet and Outlet Size
Glass Tube Size
GPM m³/h KW KW mm
RZ-UV2-SY120 528 120 3.5 2.1 DN150 380×32×1.5
1100 250 4.7 2.1 DN200
2200 500 6.5 5 DN300
2640 600 7 5 DN300
840×44 ×1.5
5280 1200 14 5 DN400
840×44 ×1.5

*The above parameters are only for reference.   We conserve all rights of parameter modification without prior notiication .

Simple and reliable operation
High efficiency and high intensity ultraviolet lamp
Water treatment is effective monitoring
1. Power supply: 220VAC, 50HZ.
2. Temperature and humidity: 0 ~ 40℃  35 to 85%.



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Freshwater Aquaculture UV Water Purifier

Freshwater Aquaculture UV Water Purifier

Aquaculture Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

Aquaculture Ultraviolet Water Purifiers

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