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Pressure Ultraviolet Sterilizer(UV Sterilizer)

Pressure Ultraviolet Sterilizer(UV Sterilizer)

 Ultraviolet disinfection technology is very expeditious in destroying bacteria. UV energy can destroy bacteria and virus in just about 1-5 seconds. In order to reach the same disinfection effect, it costs about 30 minutes or more contact time by use other chemical methods (Chlorine, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide).
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Ultra Violet System SDE SDE 12W

Pressure Ultraviolet Sterilizer Features

1. The low pressure mercury lamp offers unparalleled electrical efficiency, long life and predictable lamp life (usually 12000 hours), and is unaffected by changes in water temperature. A properly operated mercury lamp is 38-42 percent efficient, so the 320watt light can provide 134 watts of ultraviolet wavelengths at 254nm. Monochromatic output generated in 254nm UV lamp, disinfection and sterilization of all known effective microorganisms.
2. Medium  pressure lamp provides the same disinfection performance as low voltage lamp. In addition, Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Sterilizer has the ability to reduce TOC, go ozination, dechlorination.

        Flow Rate    

( KW )
Model M³  /H GPM Power
UMK-M50LT 50 220 1.3
100 440 2.0
150 660 3.0
200 880 4.0
300 1320 6.0
400 1760 8.0
450 1980 9.0
500 2200 10
600 2640 12
650 2860 13
700 3080 14
750 3300 15
800 3500 16
900 3960 18
1000 4400 20

    *The above parameters are only for reference.   We conserve all rights of parameter modification without prior notiication .

For some large water treatment applications, medium pressure UV sterilizer are incorporated due to their small footprint and short arc length, such as swimming pools, waterworks, ship water treatment, and aquaculture. Our UV monitor can provide NIST traceable devices suitable for dry ports, allowing reference monitors to be inserted without breaking the water seal to verify the lamp output. In all cases, the sensor technology we use is specifically bactericidal UV and blind visible and infrared. 

Medium Pressure Ultraviolet Sterilizer benefit.
Reduce the number of automatic backwash.
Complete water cycle treatment is provided.
Simple operation and convenient maintenance.
Applicable to new and modified / upgraded water treatment projects.
No additional filter requirements.
Compare programmes and lower capital investment.

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UV Water Treatment Plant

UV Water Treatment Plant

UV Wastwater Treatment Application

UV Wastwater Treatment Application

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