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UV Chamber Custom-made(UV Housing)

UV Chamber Custom-made(UV Housing)

 Ultraviolet disinfection technology is very expeditious in destroying bacteria. UV energy can destroy bacteria and virus in just about 1-5 seconds. In order to reach the same disinfection effect, it costs about 30 minutes or more contact time by use other chemical methods (Chlorine, Ozone, Chlorine Dioxide).
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Ultra Violet System UV825W-1

UMEK has extensive experience in the production of UV systems, we have advanced machining experience, our engineers are very familiar with the thread, flange, pipe processing standards and production processes.

We can customize your UV chamber
Follow up your drawings
Material :select SS304/SS316L, 
Inlet and outlet flange or thread according to customer's requirements. 
UV control system chooses manual or automatic.

At present, UMEK has provided ultraviolet housing customized service for many UV and Disinfection Company in domestic and international, and has received good evaluation

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