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Auto Ozone Generator Air Purifier

Auto Ozone Generator Air Purifier

Ozone generator is used for preparing ozone (O3) gas device.Ozone is easy to decompose, could not be saved to the scene for making field use (special circumstances can be stored for a short period of time), so those using ozone to place all needs to use ozone generator. 
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Medicine / Clean Room
Hospital /ICU / OT / Clinic
Dairy Products / Candy Factory
Poultry Farm

Ozone Air Purifier in Medicine / Clean Room

Ozone Air Purifier in Medicine Clean Room

Ozone air purification

Ozone exhaust pipe hanging in the 1.7 meters high, the emission of O3 20--30 minutes, can effectively remove the odor of smoke or indoor decoration materials, dust sterilization, increase the oxygen content in the air, fresh air, allow you to enjoy the fresh air after the rain forest like at home (can be used for families, offices, conference rooms, entertainment the place of removing smoke and dust, disinfection, to taste).

Ozone can decompose the smell of air, smoke, aroma water flavor.

Ozone air application concentration

Odor and sterilization air as required, ozone concentration is low, such as 0.25ppm (0.5mg/m, and object surface disinfection fand) (kill microorganisms and removal of chemical pollution) is required to improve the ozone concentration several times.
Application of ozone concentration in the air between 1mg/m ~ 10mg/m .
The low temperature, high humidity, good killing effect, especially humidity, relative humidity is less than 45%, ozone to air.
Borne microorganisms almost no killing effect. It gradually increases at 60% and reaches its maximum at 95%.
Use of ozone disinfection of food processing workshop, 0.5 ~ 1.0ppm of natural bacteria in the air can kill 80%.
Cold storage disinfection requirements ozone concentration of 6 ~ 10ppm, after more than 24 hours of downtime seal base bacteria killing rate of about 90%, fungal killing rate is about 80%.
In fruit during storage, available in 2 ~ 3ppm of ozone can make mold inhibited the growth of the storage period can be prolonged by one time.

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