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Ozone Water Treatment System

Ozone Water Treatment System

Ozone Water Treatment System(Water Ozonation System,Ozone Water Purification)

Water Filtration System

Water Purification System

Industrial RO System

Water Dispenser

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Water Filtration System
Water Purification System
Industrial RO System
Water Dispenser

Ozone Water Treatment Purification System


Ozone water treatment advantages:

1. Ozone is a good oxidant, can kill chlorine resistant virus and spore;
2. Ozone disinfection by sewage pH and temperature impact is smaller; 
3. Ozone removal of sewage in the color, smell, taste and phenol, chlorine and other pollutants, increase dissolved oxygen in water, improve water quality;
4. Ozone can decompose difficult biodegradable organic matters and three substances, and improve the biodegradability of sewage;
5. Ozone in water easily decomposed, Does not cause two pollution;

Influencing factors of ozone water treatment

1. The influence of water quality is mainly the influence of COD, NO2-N, suspended solids and chroma on ozone disinfection in water.

2. The amount of ozone and residual ozone, the amount of residual ozone, such as residual chlorine, plays an important role in disinfection. When drinking water disinfection, the required ozone concentration is 0.4mg/L

3. Contact time, ozone disinfection required contact time is very short, after ozone contact residence time, disinfection effect is still continuing

4. Ozone and sewage contact way will also affect the disinfection effect;

In the world, pure water, natural water (spring water, mineral water, groundwater and other processes made by filtration), ozone disinfection has generally been used. In the application of ozone purification of tap water, the international standard for the content of 0.4mg/L remain 4 minutes, that is, the CT is 1.6.

Disinfection and preservation of mineral water, purified water, medical water and tap water;

Sterilization of aquaculture water, prevention and control of aquatic diseases;

Disinfection and decolorization of sewage;

Disinfection and purification of swimming pool water;

Following table is a reference .

别指标类 分质供水 纯净水 天然水 自来水 游泳池水
水中臭氧浓度 0.1-0.3mg/L 0.2-0.4mg/L 0.4-0.6mg/L
臭氧添加量 1-2g/T 2-3g/T

Ozone is a highly oxidizing unstable gas. The concentration of ozone is influenced by many factors. Temperature is one of the most important factor. When ozone is about 30 degrees, it will decay by half in 1 minutes. The attenuation reached 80% at 40~50 centigrade. More than 60 degrees, ozone will decompose at once.

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